Saturdays aint Tiswas

Hells teeth! lol…. Someones passed through and gone into the photo album of their own accord today. Poor poor souls. I really need some more recent pics as all of the ones on here are old and leave a lot to be desired.

Nothing really to put here at the mo. Same events shuffled in a slightly different order. Two Arsenal games on in Amsterdam id like to see if i get this cheque in the near future. Seems crazy that its over 2 years since i bust my arm. Since getting back from oz it appears i’ve been caught in some kind of void and the only thing that has been immune to it is my waist line. I just hope the void is getting as fed up of looking into me the same as i am at looking into it. I know when my cash comes its gonna be hard to restart. Probably very hard. Maybe thats what the belly’s for. Fat resevres? lmao. Who knows? Feels a tad like an old batman episode.

Will Ali ever aquire another bank account?

Will he have an address of his own???

Tune in tomorrow for the next enthralling episode


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