Neglected Blog

Many apologies to those who have been following the story of Me. I have in fact had very little to add over the last wek or so. Went into Crewe and had a beer with Steve and then Shell, and wandered into the Limelights to see Tony but as ever he managed to not be there when i head up that way! lol

General concensus was that i should have seen my dad while i was about to make my peace, but it didnt happen. Saw a few people who i’ve not seen for ages, and then heard from Danny afterwards which is good. Shame hes in stoke. Stoke sucks lol! Walked for miles while i was there, stunned to see Tony Baker retiring! Avoided the chicken in the limeys as i quite like to know what im doing especially if i have a train to catch!

Never actually saw anyone whos likely to report back to my family that i was in crewe, with the possible exception of my old boss Ian, who may tell Hamish… but as he reads this anyway im guessing once this crops up the Wiseman grapevine will kick in.

Had a really good chat to Glenda. She dug up a couple of old pics of when i was over there which were scarey, but was good to be chatting about the good times we had, rather than being stand offish. In truth, it was probably the longest i’ve chatted to her on the net full stop!! Even before we met we’d just kinda take the p a bit n then bugger off lol She read some of my pages n maybe learnt a bit about me. Dunno, but i do know i enjoyed actually communicating with her again. Seems shes working hard but i think she enjoys that. She’s too independant to not want to work. Jack appears to be happy and jolly and growing reasonably. She says hes small but i was small when young and shes only wee…. what chance did he have of being a big toddler?

Saw star wars n the butler didnt do it! lol. Saw Mikes new house too. Seems nice, spacious but with deceptive windows which give the place a cottage effect. Looks like it may need a little bit of work doing on it, but i suppose that’ll just make it their house then, and turn it into a home once tis how they want it. Congrats again Mike!

Oh…. and i recently was assimilated into the collective… which was nice!


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