Hazel O’Conner

Ju took me for a treat last night n we went off to see Hazel O’Conner do an acoustic set at a local venue (not just for local people tho.. lol). I think she did 4 from breaking glass and the rest were unknown to me, but still enjoyed it. Actually thats not true.. she did a George Michael track too which i knew. No monsters in disguise, but Will You and 8th Day were always on the cards. All in all t’was a good night and well worth the visit. Even had a brief theology debate in the taxi back!!

Seemed like people with cancer was the topic of Hazels night n i’m begining to hear it here there and everywhere. Wonder if it was so widespreadly talked about before i heard dad had it? Probably. Even the crocs on tv seem to have it?!? That’ll teach em to use their trainers mobiles when they not looking!!


One thought on “Hazel O’Conner

  1. Unknown

    Hi there, Mr. Wiseman…Just wanted to thank you – think you\’re the dude whose reviews turned me onto EF Benson. Anyway, thanks for the good reading tips. If this is not you, please disregard. Cheers.


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