My Main Pages

Seems that this is getting a few views nowadays, so i will link again to my homepages which gives info on me, my family, a few pics, history of yours truely (that’d be me… lol), a poems page (put your eyebrows back straight!) , an anti spyware page, and several pages on communication and language. Tisn’t a wonderful set up by any means (especially with geocities ads anoying ppl) but it is, nevertheless, almost exploding with a veritable metaphorical menagerie of tit bits! lol This much vaunted page can be found HERE or if you want to aid my search engine positioning google the words : Alistair Wiseman Crewe : and click the link to the geocities page. My brothers and sisters will be pleased to note that a search for their names and Crewe also generates my page as the first result, (eg Susan Wiseman Crewe, Hamish Wiseman Crewe, etc), so if people use the net to find them i can point them in the right direction. Id plonk pics on my site, but have none cept really old ones. Just for a chuckle, heres one from about 12 years ago, Mum Andrew Dad n Iain … so, i guess Andrew would have been my age here!

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