Schools Out!

Sits warbling to the london boys… lmao…. this is a requiem for love! seem to vaguely remember this as being the day we left school many moons ago .. with a music exam as the last one on may 25th. All we need now is an episode of red dwarf and an entertainingly orange coloured bike (with grey wheelchair tyres), a green track suit and a 28inch waist again hmmm. What would i alter if i had the chance to do school again. Hmm… id probably not have taken RE! lol. would i have been better off having gone to college for 2 years n then done a degree..? I doubt it. I get bored too easilly. I dont think i have much id alter which has been under my control. Maybe i shouldnt have taken the stewards job at the ward, n sat at the kings, but it was done to better myself, and without that, the chain of events leading to Jacks arrival wouldnt have happened. So… nowt really needed changing. I suppose the one thing i do regret is the move into mothers when i started the degree. Not much i could do about that though, 10 weeks without rent tends to upset a landlord, lol. I guess that was part of the domino effect to tho which led me to where i am now, so in a way i should be thankful.

I dont believe in fate, but i do believe in balance. Everything boils down to maths one way or another, and like any equasion things have to balance or it doesnt work. I’ve drawn many a graph showing parabola, fluctuations and such like, even run thru non linear equations and chaos theory, and throughout all of this there is always some form of order which emerges. Sometimes it just takes a little more working out than others. Life appears to be the same. I was always good at maths at school, so that bodes well for my future. lol. I guess with Jack being around i have a common denominator too.

So… while 1 + 1 = 10 …. onwards and upwards. 😉

There are 10 types of people in the world… those who understand binary, and those that dont.


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