And so it goes on. And On.

Chuckles… Iain tried to tell me wednesday night that mum and dad were getting married "tomorrow", which would have been the thursday, on the same day which Hamish had ALREADY told me that they had got married. Either confusion or bull is being spread one way or another.

I’ve just noticed Hamish has visited here and has passed comment about his delay in relaying things. Classic. He doesn’t have my phone number? This being the same number which i’ve had for 4/5 years which he’s used many times before, which both mum and dad have, which is readilly available on here, on my contact card, messagable via msn, and the phone being the same one which has all my emails sent direct to my phones inbox, which i confirmed with him again only 7 days ago, which he then mailed saying he remembered it anyway.

Im not painting any picture. This is a blog. Im observing things as they happen to me, and my thoughts about them. No one ever bothers to ask me what I think, or how I feel, cos it doesnt concern or affect them. Thats fine by me. This is a narrative, a tale to myself of how i feel from day to day. If people dont like what they read they are welcome to no longer read.

As for not being allowed in or invited… who gives a damn? lmao Like i care. I’ve already stated if thats what they want to do then my approval is irrelevant. I find it farcical, perhaps some strange attempt to atone to each other all the grief they put each other through before its to late. What is annoying is the obvious rubbish i get told by people that, oooh yes, people have been trying to contact you, when the means to contact me is available from so many sources, yet when it comes down to it information such as mother and father remarrying finds its way to me well after the event. Were i to have known beforehand i could have put Iain straight and maybe he would have called them, maybe emailed Anne so i new she was aware too. Tis funny. I sat talking to Iain about how i was concerned about Hamish dealing with whats happening, and was also concerned about Iain too, him being so far away and no doubt feeling ineffectual. It would be so much easier to just say "tell me when hes dead" and let them all get on with it, but then when did i last opt for the easy route lol

More pics of Jack today. He looks happy and healthy and tanned lol. I feel for him in a few years time when he learns his Granddad will have died when he was young. I think that thought hurts me more than the fact that he’s my dad! Watching Jack grow through the medium of pictures keeps me in mind of how innocence exists in this world. I wish i were a part of his upbringing. Glenda isnt letting them grind her down i guess. Shes strong.

So passing people, like any piece of text you dont like, feel free to just close the cover n stick me back on the shelf. This is called My Space for a reason. I intend to utilise it!


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