Married Parents n trout!

Lmao.. well… apparently mum n dad got remarried yesterday (wednesday). Hamish bothered to email me @ 12.35am thursday morning to tell me that they had married, and that he knew about it 6 hours before it happened. By my reckoning if they married no later than 4pm then Hamish knew at 10am, so decided to wait 14 and a half hours to let me know, yet he can email or text my phone. Truely admirable.

On a better note, i watched Arsenal stick 7 past Everton in one of the best footballing displays i have ever had the privilage to witness. Last game at Highbury in Red, maybe last game for Edu n Berkamp, both scored… all in all a fabulous finish to the season there.

Finally there is hot water here too. Between my armpits and the fresh smell of trout on my fingers i think tis not a moment to soon


One thought on “Married Parents n trout!

  1. Darkside

    Hamish had been on NIGHTS, was WOKEN by the call, had to make his own way to his mum\’s AFTER bathing and getting ready, and KNEW DAMNED FINE that even if he had emailed you you wouldn\’t have attended. And Hamish DOES NOT have your mobile number. Also, without prior permission being granted you would not have been PERMITTED to attend. PLEASE, IF YOU\’RE GOING TO PAINT A PICTURE, USE THE SHADING-NOT SIMPLY THOSE COLOURS WHICH SUIT YOUR OWN ENDS!


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