No win situation

Eventfull evening! lol With Chris’s dad (Steve) having his problems i’ve said i dont want him in the house around David or Julia, but as its Julias place, not mine, i said if he comes in, i go out! Sure enough Chris brings him in, presumably cos he thought i wouldnt react. Silly lad! I walked out, and his dad decided he wanted to come out and have a go at me. Silly man! I had the choice of let him mouth off at me down the road of turn n face him, not much choice really as i’ve had enough of people shouting and balling at me for one lifetime. With Chris at the door we had a bit of a scuffle, and i put his on the deck, and held him there, to hear Chris shouting "I saw u throw first punch" at me?? lol No punches were thrown, i saw his dad raise his hands, so got a grip and held him.( In fairness to Chris, he was behind his dad so it could well have looked like i hit him. I made a point to show Chris my hands afterwards to prove i never punched him, but he refused to look. I guess its his dad so i can understand his attitude.) Chris’s Granddad was watching in a car and came over and stood between us with Steve shouting something to do with David Ickes Lizards??? Classic! I’ve read star trek novels but i dont believe in vulcans! (Cept Spock obviously.) Julia was i guess in an awkward position but point blank refused to back me up as to why i dont want Steve in the house. I showed her my knuckles too but again she too refused to acknowledge i couldnt have hit him!
So… i walk out to avoid being in a situation which i feel is wrong, i get chased after and shouted at, i turn and subdue the guy whos doing the pursuing, yet i’m the one who’s not supported and im the one whos accused of punching!? Truely laughable. And the cause… 1 : a mixture of Chris wanting to bring his dad in, "cos he can", 2 : Julia refusing to back me with what i’ve said about having Steve in the house (she could have told him "Get out"), and 3 : me being concered enough about David n her to be so annoyed in the first place. Maybe i should have kept walking? I dunno. Maybe i should have round house kicked him then ppl could really say i hit him. Still, if nothing else, maybe now they might realise i feel strongly about what goes on here. I dont suppose it matters to them what i think as they know im supposed to be away from here when my money comes, but it would be nice to think that maybe they realised that i’ve looked out for them all, and given a shit. Julia has looked after me when she needn’t have done, i guess id rather she thought i care, and understood it too.

Just had a mail from Hamish. Dad has weeks rather than months, but is remarrying mother on thursday! 12th of May i make that. Really is a bizarre situation.


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