Glenda n Jack

Would appear Mum and Su are in reasonably regular contact with them. Must be great for them. Pretty damn unbelievable. He’s supposed to be my family, my next of kin. Nothing to do with them. If they’d have wanted to have contact with them they could have supported my move over there. Mum went out of her way to ruin it for me, but still wants to be in contact with them. Its sickening. I supose in a way i can understand Su, as what went on between me n mum didnt involve her. I’ve had 2 years now though watching and hearing how J has had health problems, how Glenda has struggled, and sitting knowing there is nothing i can do about it, and it is simply down to mum and dad. with the money i was earning in Crewe i could have happilly paid for things for Jack, and easilly afforded to rent a place because i was paying over 20 pound more than alot of rents to stay at and look out for mother! Hell i could have put together the cash to have moved there on a work visa within 5 months of getting my own place. To me it feels like mum n dad took away from me my chance to make a life with my son and possibly Glenda, and now want a piece of what they denied me.

Me? Bitter? You bet your life on it!


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