Carter n Therapy?

Crackin arra’s! lol Not heard em in ages! Wonder if hamish has looked after my music? think i need a mini drive so i can store all the music i have on that so its portable.

No news on dad. That good or bad? No sign of Hamish or Iain making contact, so im guessing that they either know no more or haev read my lil monologue a few days ago n taken the ummp! lol

Miffed that i’ve del’d a few things i still wanted when clearing out G drive. Not to worry. Not really that important. Couple of convos with url refs n similar stuff. Wernt really for my benifit anyway lol Wish i could regain the pages i wrote on evolution and man. I spent quite a while constructing them. Shell im sure has them but that was ages ago lol.

Still the debate rages as to where i’ll end up when i finally get this money. Here in terms of available work i guess is better than Crewe. But in Crewe i know ppl, tis my turf, so to speak. Ah.. knowing my luck it’ll be the least amount anyway and that’ll scupper me! I’m due nearly 300 quid in tax! Not that i will get it i suspect, as i have no proof of income over the periods not covered by my time at Bayliss, (probably cos i didnt have an income!).

Springs here. Its warm! Well, tis not cold anyway…. lol…. now all i need is some tee shirts which aint football shirts n aint 4 years old lmao


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