late again

Nowt new to! Worked out that the cats here cost between 60 n 90 quid a month to keep fed at the mo. Wonder if when this batch of kittens go the ever preggy pussies will be done. May be too late then for Butters, n the collection of male cats on the prowl here says this too.

Sat n talked about my dad in front of Chris to Julia so that at least he can realise i have had some experience in stuff of that ilk. Hope he doesnt think i dont care. Tis the reverse, but difficult i guess for him to see it at the mo.

Broke with a longstanding habit n ditched morpheus. Still no sign of programming tho. Should i try Java again? Each time i install it it has none of it! i could probably pick c++ back up easilly, and pascal if i put my mind to it. Begining to wonder if thats what i wana do outta habbit of wanting to do it. I have a travel bug and quite fancy doing work abroad… but who’d have me if this ccj gets landed on me. The urge to do a few weeks of nights is high, but do the pro’s outweigh the cons? 6.50 an hour is in the offing…. 12 hour nights would be good. 390quid= about 330 take home… id do two outta 4 on 7days if they needed me… or a day a week overtime… even @ normal rates it’d be 400quid take home. That’d sort me! Time my world got shook up again me thinks. been a while… must be 97-99 the last time i was in sme place for 2 years so im due something to happen. Tha sorta money keeps a guy in town! lol Debate it with myself and see what comes. Maybe the corner is approching…


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