bye bye April

lol… nother day, nother dollar! Well would be if i was getting any. Dollars that is….lol Think i have to be serious about getting rid of this puppy fat i’ve picked up. Bout time i toned back down again. The only six pack currently associated with my stomach would be ginsters pies! Still, my weight is right for my height nowadays which makes an entertaining change. Wonder if it will stay that way?

Had a good waffle to Glenda… was nice n relaxed, kinda communicated which again is nice! A few more pics of Jack headed this way n i helped her grab a free WP pack so she can do stuff at home since her pc was attacked n stuff removed. Stick XP on it n let me remote control it. I’ll sort the bugger lol
Other than that, no news on anyone. Lad here having probs with his dad… told him i’ve been there, albeit i was quite alot younger but hey, an ears an ear when u need one. I delt on my own n wasnt fun.
The smell of cat wafts gently on the breeze. mmmm! Nice lol


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