Wierd Wonderful World

There are certain things in life which help you see your not, in any way shape or form, as loony or badly off as you think you are. A couple of examples of americans antics spring to mind, one is HERE and the classic haggis hunt one Here

But…. theres worse. Imagine if you will your a toad…. and happy about it… warts n all so to speak…. and then THIS happens.. you know youd be miffed!

Me, i live in a country where political correctness is rife, common sense is bereft, and cheese is not mixed with peas…. but…. least i dont explode, hunt small four legged beasties outta season (only able to get em from Jan 6th to Jan 25th, Burns night) or shoot inanimate objects. Be greatful for small mercys i say.


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