illusion / delusion

Found an entertaining site with interesting takes on the world and our existence. The Url is HERE and is well worth a good shufti! Demonic barcodes and more! Tickled my fancy!

On similar train of thought, it appears that the engine "found" of the second plane to hit the towes is in infact a 737, not a 767, thus negating anything the official story says about how and why these planes got there, simply because they are not what we are being told they are. Wrong plane = wrong passengers = lies concerning which planes were missing etc etc.. follow the train of dominoes.

Of course….. if as suggested it was a remote craft, then the lie about the passport which was "found", broadcast as proof that it was terrorists, and then declared fake (albeit very quietly) after having used it to portray this story, could well give us an idea as to where this engine came from. Was it from the remote craft? Did the powers that be plant an engine like the passport not realising that there are major differences between the types of engines, and someone out there would recognise them? Curiouser and curiouser.

Nice weather for it tho

Have to chuckle at the new pope. Ex Nazi and right wing anti condom, anti gay marriage, and enthusiastic at getting people to quit their jobs if their employer doesnt agree. MMMMmmmmm .. Healthy mind control in the 21st century!


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