Nice entry…! lol

Flash the Cat came back after a 3 week vanishing act, skinny as a wretch n paint on her whiskers. Seems she has heard she has nine lives n only about 15 years to fit em into. 3 weeks im betting before the spine looks something like it did. She was lucky by the looks of her.

Had an entertaining time with someone breeching this pc’s security. I can only think that it was someone who had hacked into Shells pc, as her id was the only one id opened a connection with, plus id sent a snap of her being online at silly oclock. and this was no doubt read by them and they were pretty pissed that they’d been rumbled! I im’d her to see if it was her, which opened the port which i assume they came in thru. Fortunatly i was given a firewall almost immediately, which i would assume will kill that. As Shell was the only one home and was asleep it wasnt from her house… so…. i would assume it was someone who knew her and is knowledgable with computers. From the reaction to it was obviously someone who wanted to drop me in grief…. add the two together and it kinda points in one direction

Man U Arsenal in the cup!


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