Chilli Wind from the South

Grrr… twice now i’ve written long n lengthy entries only to close the screen down by accident! Typical. I blame the cats and am considering selling them to the local kebab house on the corner!

Didnt win a poetry contest, but got an honoury mention, which is nice. Last one i entered they didnt deign to read my work, and the one before that… i won! Way hey! Glory Glory me! lmao!

Tis cold here!

Glenda crashed car but J not in it! Daft woman! The roads there are huge!! All’s ok tho so thats gotta be good news!

My blog sucks! Want something juicey to put in. Closest i get is mentioning the exceptional job my digestive system did transforming last nights chilli from a solid state to a gaseous! mmmmm !


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